Rebel Scout frameset gravel bike


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Made for adventures and experiences, without spilling on the speed. With the Scout gravelbike a new world opens for you. Speed on the road in combination with adventure on the offroad gravel paths. The possibility for wide tires and the comfortable geometry makes the Scout the perfect bicycle to explore the area at all circumstances.

Thru Axles

Thru Axles are the new standard at the newest generation gravel bikes with disc brakes. Thru axles ensure that the wheels are always placed straight in the bike. The chance of brakes running up the wheel will be reduced in this way. Beside that, thru axles increase the stiffness and the safety of a bike, which is also very important!


The Scout uses a BB86 Press Fit bottom bracket. This is a much used standard on both racing bikes as mountain bikes. The advantage of the bottom bracket? A considerable reduction of wear and tear. The bottom bracket is not located directly inside the frame, but in an aluminium schale pressed in the frame. The layers are better protected in this way and catch up some more clearance.

Seatpost & Cockpit

The frame is developed to process the cables fully through the frame of the Scout. This makes the Scout looks tight and this reduces the chance of damaging the cables. To finish the tight look of the gravel bike, the bicycle will be delivered with an integrated cockpit. With the stem and the steering wheel manufactured of one piece of carbon, the cockpit is ,just like the rest of the scout, all about speed.


Alle onderdelen weergeven
FRAMESIZE 52 54 56 58
A - REACH 378 mm mm 382 mm 390 mm 395 mm
B - STACK 530 mm 549 mm 572 mm 602 mm
C - WHEELBASE 1018 mm 1026 mm 1031 mm 1034 mm
D - CHAINSTAY LENGTH 430 mm 430 mm 430 mm 430 mm
E - FRONT CENTER 0598 mm 605 mm 610 mm 613 mm
F - BOTTOM BACKET DROP 70 mm 68 mm 68 mm 68 mm
G - BOTTOM BRACKET HEIGHT 280 mm 282 mm 282 mm 282 mm
H - SEAT TUBE ANGLE 74,5° 73.5° 73° 72,5°
I - SEAT TUBE LENGTH 460 mm 480 mm 500 mm 520 mm
J - SEATPOST INSERT LENGTH 200 mm 220 mm 240 mm 260 mm
K - HEAD TUBE ANGLE 70,5° 71° 72° 72,5°
L - HEAD TUBE LENGTH 110 mm 130 mm 150mm 180 mm
M - FORK LENGTH 395 mm 395 mm 395 mm 395 mm
N - FORK RAKE 50 mm 50 mm 50 mm 50 mm
O - TRAIL 71 mm 68 mm 61 mm 58 mm
P - STANDOVER HEIGHT 758 mm 778 mm 796 mm 817 mm
Q - TOP TUBE LENGTH 525 mm 545 mm 565 mm 575 mm

Products specifications

At REBEL you have the opportunity to customize your own bike. Everyone has their own goals, so why don’t we create a personal bike? Do you prefer a standard bike? Please get in touch with the customer service to discuss the possibilities around your dreambike.

Specifications for standard bikes

This REBEL is assembled with the parts shown below. Pay attention: parts may deviate from the parts on the picture. Don’t you like the color of the frame? Don’t worry, we like to think along to create your dreambike! At REBEL you have the possibility to design your own frame. Thereafter we’ll take care of painting the bicycle to your personal wishes.

  • 27.2 MM - ROUND
Thru axle front wheel
  • 100 X 12 MM
Thru axle rear wheel
  • 142 X 12 MM
  • 28 INCH / 700C
Max tire size
  • 38 MM
  • 1100 GRAMS - SIZE M
FRAME material

The REBEL bikes are guarenteed against construction defects in materials or in workmanship. All products that fail by normal use will be replaced or repaired by the same, or the most similair product. The conditions of this warranty are described below.


Every REBEL has a usable lifetime. This doesn't mean the frame can't break. The warranty covers the construction failures caused by normal use. The warranty for all REBEL bike frames remains valid till five years after the original date of purchase. This warranty will only be valid for the original owner of the REBEL and is not transitable for following owners.


Frame paint has a warranty of two years from the original date of purchase. This condition applies for standard frames and frames where REBEL has provided the frame with a custom paintjob. Blur of the frame paint caused by the effects of Ultraviolet (UV) lightning will not be covered by the warranty.

Crash replacement frames

High forces on the frame caused by an accident or crash may cause structural damage on the frame. With the crash replacement service damaged frames can be replaced by a reduced rate. REBEL's crash replacement service and remains lifetime available for the first owner and cannot be transferred to subsequent owners. At the crash replacement warranty, the damaged frame will be replaced by a new frame without additional parts.

  • The damaged frame must be handed in
  • Intentional damage doesn't apply on a crash replacement
  • Crash replacement is only available to the first owner of the bike


All non-REBEL bike parts will be covered by the warranty of their manufacturer and will not be covered by the warranty of REBEL bikes. This means the warranty conditions of all non-REBEL bike parts are within the warranty conditions of the concerned manufacturer(s).